Meet Scott Bliss


Scott has been a Brick resident since 1976.  He and his wife, Jeanine, are both graduates of Brick Memorial High School.  They have raised four boys, Hunter, Zack, Jaxson and Parker. Both Hunter and Zack graduated from Brick High School and Jaxson and Parker are members of the 2020 graduating class of Brick High School.  Scott is the President and Owner of Sandler Training by Maximum Performance Management, a sales and management training center and professional development organization.

Brick United is a registered 501 c-3 nonprofit organization.  Brick United functions from active participation from its members and the support of the Brick and surrounding communities.  Brick United raises funds through various events throughout the year to provide scholarships for graduating seniors from Brick Township High School and Brick Memorial High School.  During these events, the organization endeavors to promote the character of Warren H. Wolf through the emphasis of leadership, hard work, and his spirit to our community.


Brick United

Care of Jay Sendzik, Esq.

1808 Route 88, Brick, NJ 08724


Attention: Kristin

(732) 840-6464

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