Meet Shawn Scott

Recording Secretary

Shawn has resided in Brick Township for over 40 years.  He graduated from Brick High School in 1990 and is currently the Vice President of Bank of America Risk and Vendor Management.  Shawn has over 40 relatives that have gone through the Brick School System in additional to his four children.

Brick United is a registered 501 c-3 nonprofit organization.  We are a volunteer based organization whose structure is an elected board overseen by a Board of Trustees.  Brick United functions from active participation from its members and the support of the Brick community.  Brick United runs events throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for the graduating class at both of Brick's High Schools.
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Brick United

Care of Jay Sendzik, Esq.

1808 Route 88, Brick, NJ 08724