The 1st annual Warren Wolf Golf Outing is to celebrate and honor a man that has given so much for Brick Township. Warren Wolf may be best known as the coach for Brick High School Football, but that is a small part of his contribution to Brick and Ocean County. Warren Wolf was a teacher, an Assistant Superintendent, Mayor of Brick from 1975-1979, Brick Councilman from 1982-1984, NJ state assemblyman from 1981-1983 and Ocean County Freeholder from 1975-1981. To say that Warren Wolf was just a football coach, that would be a great understatement.


Warren Wolf is Brick.



Warren Wolf

Born in 1927, Warren Wolf grew up in West New York, New Jersey. After attending Memorial High School in West New York, Warren graduated from Seton Hall University and began his 61 year career in Education, teaching and coaching at his alma mater.


​After 10 years, he jumped at the opportunity to become the first head football coach at the brand new Brick Township High School in 1958. 

During his 51 year tenure in the Brick School system, he was a physical education teacher, a coach of football, ice hockey and track,  the Assistant Principal at BTHS, the Assistant Superintendent and lastly retiring as the Deputy Superintendent of Schools.


After retiring from his administrative position, Warren continued to coach the BTHS football team until 2008, ending a 51 year run as the first and only head coach.

Warren is a man that wore "many hats."  In 1970, he was elected as the mayor of Brick Township. In 1975, he was elected to the Ocean County Board of Freeholders. In 1981 he was elected to the New Jersey State Assembly.  Finally, in 1990, he was elected to the Brick Township Town Council.


Warren and his wife Peggy Love Brick Township. Warren's motto has always been, "Do what is best for the kids of Brick Township!"  


Let's all do what's best for the kids of Brick Township and help fund Brick United's Warren Wolf Scholarship, which will give four seniors, two from each high school, scholarships toward college expenses.

Brick United is a registered 501 c-3 nonprofit organization.  Brick United functions from active participation from its members and the support of the Brick and surrounding communities.  Brick United raises funds through various events throughout the year to provide scholarships for graduating seniors from Brick Township High School and Brick Memorial High School.  During these events, the organization endeavors to promote the character of Warren H. Wolf through the emphasis of leadership, hard work, and his spirit to our community.


Brick United

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